East Village Eats

Honest & accurate restaurant and bar reviews from the East Village and surrounding areas.


Thursday Club NYC:  The blog that started it all off for me.  What started as a group of 3 NYC guys meeting every Thursday night to host & cook 3+ course meals for each other quickly expanded to roughly 8 members.  Although we don’t meet that often any more, this dinner club inspired me to cook & led me to eventually start East Village Eats.

EV Grieve: The Grandaddy of all East Village blogs.  This website is absolutely full to the brim with neighborhood news, updates & general information.  I check in daily as the blogger seems to really have his finger on the pulse of the EV. A really great site, particularly the coverage of CB3 meetings, exclusives & breaking news.  If you want to know about the East Village, start here.


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